School Identity


School Identity Story

Being a new school, we needed to develop a school brand.  Working closely with our design partners, we have created an identity that reflects our schools ethos and values. Below is an explanation of the story behind our logo.


    At the centre of the logo design stands the Christian symbol of the cross to show that this is a Church of England School.

    The cross is empty – Jesus is risen.

    The colour gold symbolises the Kingdom of God.

    The Daisy Sculpture on the Monksmoor Park development is incorporated into the design and is seen in the open petals around the cross.

    Their appearance symbolises the new life and hope that springs from the empty cross.

    Their colours ranging from gold to orange also accentuate the importance of the cross and the person of Jesus Christ in the life of the school.

    At the foot of the cross the logo captures the ‘woodland to water’ concept of this Crest Nicholson development with Daventry Country Park to the south and the Grand Union Canal to the north. This is captured in the blues and greens within the strands.

    From a Church school perspective there are three strands representing the Trinitarian nature of God. The concept of God in relationship (Father, Son & Holy Spirit) is representative of the important part that the community will play in the life of the school and vice versa.

    The sense of perspective into the distance indicates growth and progress as we support your children on their journey through these early stages of their lives to equip them with all that they need to experience life in all its fullness.

    The school name is clearly displayed in a child friendly font and clearly states that this is a Church of England School.