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Academy Consultation

Update from the Governing Board

3rd May 2024

Whilst we are waiting for the legal agreement of land ownership to be settled, between the local authority and the Diocese. We are pleased to announce governors have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, with Rutland Learning Trust, so the partnership has commenced as of April 1st. This is a temporary measure put in place until the transition contract can be signed, hopefully in the summer.

John Tippett
Chair of the Governing Board
Monksmoor Park CE Primary School


Letter to parents and carers

17th November 2023


Dear Parents and Carers

On behalf of the Governing Body, we write with regards an exciting new development within the life of all connected to Monksmoor Park CE Primary School.

Monksmoor Park CE Primary is currently a local authority school monitored by West Northants Council (WNC). For some time, Governors, who are responsible for the strategic development and monitoring of the school, have become increasingly frustrated by the dwindling support from the Local Authority (LA). This meant that as a school, we were working very much alone in all aspects, including financial management and school improvement.  So, a year ago the full Governing Body, including the Headteacher resolved to investigate what options of support were available and consulted with the Diocese as well as WNC.

We wanted a partner who could support in all areas of the school whilst leaving the culture and ethos of the school intact. We consulted and interviewed several groups and prior to the summer holidays decided that The Rutland Learning Trust (RLT) was the partner we wanted to help our school community flourish.   We sought permission from the Department of Education to convert to an Academy School within RLT and we are delighted to confirm both the Diocese and DfE agreed.

We are pleased and proud to be associated with The Rutland Learning Trust. They are a relatively small (just 12 schools) but high achieving trust that carefully choses the schools it wants to work with. They have a great reputation for preparing children for the next steps of their educational journey and have some outstanding achievements in school development, within all their schools.  Further information about the trust can be found on their website:

As part of our ongoing consultations, we are now wanting to consult with parents and therefore invite you to come into school and meet with the school team as well as those from The Rutland Learning Trust on Tuesday 5th December 2023.  Mr Gooding, the CEO of RLT will be in school all day and would welcome visits from parents or phone calls.  Mr Gooding will also be available after school until 5pm.  You are invited to ‘drop in’ during this after school session to ask any questions you may have.  Included in this letter is a leaflet providing more information.

Governors have undertaken a thorough and detailed investigation of The Rutland Learning Trust and are confident an association with them will enable all members of the school to flourish whilst having little change on the day to day look or feel of the school.

On the back of a Good Ofsted report we are keen that progress continues but without the LA support in crucial areas we needed a partner that reflects our values and ethos and in The Rutland Learning Trust we have found that partner who will help us to grow and develop further in order that our students continue to achieve and aspire whilst respecting our existing values.

Our period of consultation will run from Friday 17th November until Friday 15th December. 
During this time we invite parents to complete a short survey regarding the consultation:


We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and we hope to see you on Tuesday 5th December 2023.

Yours sincerely



John Tippett                     Katie Towers

Chair of Governors            Headteacher