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Clubs and Activities

We are proud to offer a range of before and after school clubs, and lunchtime activities to enhance the opportunities available at our school.

Clubs from Super Star Sport

Super Star Sport clubs are available on Wednesdays and Fridays during term time, for more information and to book a space please contact Super Star Sport, contact details are available in their flyer at the bottom of the page.

Bookings must be made directly with Super Star Sport Midlands.

Choir club

A popular club involving children of all ages.  Learn to sing new songs, have fun and perform. The choir club is open to children in Reception – Year 5 and takes place on Thursdays 3:30pm-4:15pm.

The club will run from Thursday 11th January until Thursday 21st March 2024.  This is a free club provided by our staff team. 

Bookings must be made on ParentMail, so we have the necessary parental consent in place.  Bookings close at midnight on Wednesday 10th January.






KS2 Running Club

Making use of the country park, we will first master 5k then onto 10k!  This free club is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The running club run around Daventry Country Park and leave the school promptly at 8am.  Children in Years 3-5 are welcome to attend both days or just one if they wish.  Spaces must be booked on ParentMail to ensure we have the necessary parental consent.  

If your child would like to attend, please book them a space by midnight on Sunday 7th January using ParentMail.

KS2 Business Club

We are pleased to continue to offer a Key Stage 2 Business Club in the spring term.  This is a free club offered by Mrs Munro.  The club will run on Tuesdays from 3:30–4:15pm and will take place between Tuesday 9th January until Tuesday 26th March 2024.

There are a limited number of spaces available, please apply for a space by booking on ParentMail by midnight on 3rd January.  Mrs Munro will contact you to confirm if a place can be offered to your child.

Children should be collected at 4:15pm from the main entrance at the front of the school. Children booked in for wrap around care in The Nest will be taken there by a member of staff after the club.  

We will learn about how a business is structured and look at all the different departments such as Logistics, Finance, HR and Health & Safety.  Last term we worked with a Telecommunications Lifting Solutions company based in Warwickshire exploring their set-up, equipment, vehicles and design some marketing communications for them.  We look forward to working with another company this term!  This is an opportunity to put our learning into practice, share our knowledge with a company and learn about different businesses.

KS2 Knitting and Crafts Club

The Knitting and Crafts Club is open to children in Key Stage 2.  It will take place on Tuesdays
3:30pm-4:30pm between Tuesday 9th January until Tuesday 13th February 2024.  

All materials will be provided, children will just need to bring their patience!  Mrs Brock would like to share this super relaxing and satisfying hobby (once you've mastered it!) but advises it does require a little patience and perseverance until you get the hang of it.

Bookings must be made on ParentMail, our club is expanding and we can offer a place to a few more children.  Spaces are subject to availability.

Year 5 Go Kart Club

This spring term we are incredibly excited to announce a new extra-curricular activity for the children: ‘Go Kart Club’.

During the course of the club, children will learn how to re-build a real go-kart, change tyres, and learn about steering and how an engine works.  The club will be ‘hand-on’ each week and once we have managed to re-build the kart, we will all go to a local racetrack in Leicester and give each child an opportunity to drive their kart round the track.

This club is only open to children in Year 5 and only 6 children can take part at any one time.  If more than 6 children are interested, we will run the club again, giving everyone an opportunity to attend.  If more than 6 children are interested, we will pull names of out a hat and start a waiting list.

Parents will be required to attend the final track day and there will be a small charge for this.  No special equipment or clothing is required as it will all be provided.  As this is the first time we have run this club, it is difficult to anticipate when the first track day will be, but it will certainly be before the Easter holidays.  (Further details will be given to club members nearer the time).

The club will run after school 3:30-4:30pm on Fridays and will start on Friday 12th January 2024.  If you would like your child to take part, please book on ParentMail by midnight on Monday 18th December to give consent for your child to attend the after school club. 



All clubs must be booked and are subject to availability.