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Year 4 - First Swimming Lesson

This week Year 4 went swimming with school for the first time. The children were very good representatives of the school while visiting Daventry Leisure Centre, so much so that they were treated to a play in the beach pool at the end of the lesson. Whilst we could not photograph our lesson we would like to tell you about it.

Oscar – “We got to have a play at the session, which was fun”

Ruby – “I liked it, we got to practise how to swim”

Year 4 pupil – “I liked when we got to swim across the pool”

Luis – “I liked the feel of the water”

Sophie – “I liked it when Cerys tried to help me swim and do the ‘push and glide’”

Leila – “I liked it when some of us got to go in the deep end”


Over the past two weeks we have been independently writing verse for a poem, based on the theme of overcoming bullying.

Today we picked our favourite verses from our books and combined them into a class poem. Mr Gatehouse is really proud of them and impressed by their combined efforts to produce 'I rise'.

‘I rise’ – A class poem about bullying

 You can make fun of me and you can shout at me.
You can talk behind my back and roll your eyes.
But like a seed in the warm ground, I rise.

Just like the Earths’ orbit,
with a guarantee of an endless heartbeat.
Like dream leaping high,
Still I rise.

Did you want me to drown?
With pools of tears in my eyes?
Made by my sorrowful cries?

Building my self-esteem, I rise.
Still bouncing and flying, I rise
I am an asteroid, strong powerful against the cold space.
I am a wolf hunting and proud.
My power is unbreakable.

Leaving behind weeks of being distraught and scared, I rise.
Into a world that shines like a glorious sunrise, I rise.
They had the power, but now that has ceased. I rise, I rise, I rise

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